About El Keegan


What I've done

From a career in photojournalism working with the best selling daily newspapers, to weekly magazine covers, Vogue Australia and The Huffington Post, my work has featured across the world.

I've accompanied Barack Obama on his Irish state visit, went one round with 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor, discussed the face of journalism with Ira Glass, gone to the movies with Kim Cattrall and like most on this earth, have been snubbed by Bob Geldof.

When not at the center of history I have photographed campaigns for Pepsi, Absolut, Molson Coors, Heineken, Tetley, Kelloggs, Canada Bread, Honda and Delissio, seeing my work across billboards, shop fronts, and every subway station in Toronto.

What I do

We live in a new age where creativity is key, but the market is saturated. To thrive you need to offer something no one else can. I can help with that.

Your brand is everything. What makes you unique? What can you give that no one else can? Are you a badass? Are you compassionate? Have you a wicked sense of humour?

Only you have lived your life, seen what you’ve seen and interpreted it the way you have. We are individuals. Give yourself the chance to stand out from the crowd and truly value what you have to offer.

Here at El Keegan Photography it is my goal to really capture not just “your best side” but the essence of who you are and what makes you, or your business unique. That fire in your eyes or that mischievous smile you’re known for.

I use natural environments to incorporate a narrative into your images. Me and my studio can travel wherever you may need us and we’ll brainstorm the most creative way to showcase your brand.

I’ve photographed CEO’s to UFC fighters to your next door neighbor. If you hate the camera I’m here to hold your hand through it and make it not just painless but downright enjoyable. 75% of my images you’ll see on this site are from people who hate having their picture taken. These images have ended up on magazine covers, websites and on mantles across the world.

You're in safe hands.

Who I am

I've never met a dog I didn't like. I support all science that says
Mocha's are good for you and firmly believe poutine is a blessing.

I'm from Ireland, therefore 99.9% waterproof, have an accent that gets stronger with age and will meet any and all situations with that notorious Irish wit. Canada is home but as Joyce himself would say "when I die Dublin will be written on my heart"





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